BREXITS Managed Fund

SA Unit Trust


Latest NAV Price - March 23, 2023


Dealing currency


NAV daily change %

ZAR 18.04 B

Fund size - March 23, 2023


Investment objective summary

The Fund aims primarily for steady and stable total returns (the combination of income and capital growth). A secondary aim is to provide a reasonable level of current income

The Fund invests in a balanced manner across a range of asset classes including shares, property investments and property funds, gilts (fixed income securities issued by governments) and interest bearing securities (financial contracts evidencing ownership or debt) and cash

Other investments may include the units of other funds (including foreign funds) and derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset)


Fund features

A balanced fund for investors who don’t want to actively manage their own asset allocation

Flexible investment style and stock selection process