BREXITS Worldwide Flexible Fund

SA Unit Trust


Latest NAV Price - March 23, 2023


Dealing currency


NAV daily change %

ZAR 555.57 M

Fund size - March 23, 2023


Investment objective summary

The Fund aims to maximise total real returns through active and unconstrained management

The Fund’s managers can invest in a mix of local and foreign assets, including equities (e.g. company shares), cash and bonds (contracts to repay borrowed money which typically pay interest at fixed times)

The Fund is unrestricted in its choice of companies either by size, industry or geography

Other investments may include the units of other funds (including foreign funds) and derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset)


Fund features

Unconstrained and fully flexible, the Fund aims to maximize long-term total returns (comprising capital growth and income) by investing across a wide spectrum of asset classes, in both local and foreign markets

Asset allocation decisions are based on a disciplined investment process that considers fundamental drivers, reasonable valuation and investor behaviour

Equity selection employs a tested investment philosophy focused on investing in reasonably valued companies receiving positive earnings revisions that are expected to endure