Global Environment



Latest NAV Price - March 23, 2023


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NAV daily change %

USD 220.15 M

Fund size - March 23, 2023


Investment objective summary

The Fund aims to provide long-term income and capital growth.

The Fund invests globally, primarily in companies contributing to positive environmental change. This will include companies operating in services, infrastructures, technologies and resources related to environmental sustainability. Examples may include companies which provide, utilize, implement or advise upon technology-based systems, products or services in environmental markets, particularly those of alternative energy, decarbonisation and energy efficiency, water treatment and pollution control, and waste technology and resource management.

The Fund may invest in other assets such as cash, derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset), money market instruments (tradable securities where money can be invested for short periods) and other funds (which may be managed by the Investment Manager, other companies in the same group as the Investment Manager or a third party).

Derivatives may be used for efficient portfolio management purposes e.g. with the aim of either managing the Fund risks or reducing the costs of managing the Fund.