Investment Grade Corporate Bond



Latest NAV Price - March 23, 2023


Dealing currency


NAV daily change %

USD 140.66 M

Fund size - March 23, 2023


Investment objective summary

The Fund aims to provide a high level of income with the opportunity for long-term capital growth.

The Fund invests around the world in a diverse range of bonds (contracts to repay borrowed money which typically pay fixed or variable interest at fixed intervals) issued by governments, institutions and companies.

Careful attention is paid to the quality and marketability of the investments held by the Fund although the Fund may also invest in bonds rated as below investment grade by the credit rating agencies (companies that rate the ability of the issuers of bonds to repay borrowed money). Investments in below investment grade bonds will still be subject to minimum rating requirements.

The Fund may invest in other assets such as cash, other funds (which may be managed by the Investment Manager, other companies in the same group as the Investment Manager or a third party) and derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset). Derivatives may be used for investment purposes (i.e. in order to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives) or for efficient portfolio management purposes e.g. with the aim of either managing the Fund risks or reducing the costs of managing the Fund.