Brexits Asset Management

Fraud Alert

Protect yourself from online theft and fraud

• Be wary of social engineering tactics. Resist the urge to act immediately no matter how dramatic the claim or urgent the situation. Fraudsters are sending emails, text messages, and calling, claiming to be representatives from trusted companies, including J.P. Morgan. They may offer you advice over the telephone, request payment from you, or they may email you links to bogus websites. The products they may try to sell to you might even have official sounding names like a BREXITS Gold Fund (we have no funds by this name). You can check our FUND & STRATEGIES for our complete list of authorised funds.
Please Contact us if you ever have doubts about whether a call, email or text message claiming to be from Brexits Asset Management is legitimate.

• Never share personal details, including passwords, and check your accounts periodically. Look for signs of unauthorised activity, and set up online alerts, where available, to notify you of potentially suspicious account changes and transactions. Never provide personal information by replying to an email or when asked to click a link to a website. We will never request sensitive information in this way.

• Look for red flags in emails. Be wary of emails with urgent language, requests for personal or confidential data, poor grammar, misspellings or an unrecognised sender email address. Do not click on links or open attached files if you have any concerns about an email’s validity.

A helpful anti-fraud checklist

Be vigilant when:
• Someone calls or emails you with an ‘unbelievable’ offer.
• You are asked to provide personal information by replying to an email or
asked to click through a link to a fake website.
• You receive an email where the grammar, spelling or punctuation is poor.
• The source of an email is uncertain or when a company name is slightly misspelled.
Never provide personal details including passwords or answers to your security questions in response to an email. We will never ask you for this type of information via email.

If in doubt about a contact, get in touch with us immediately on on 0800 20 40 40 (or +44 20 4000 4000) from overseas. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm. – It’s always better to be safe and our priority is that our investors feel secure when they deal with us.