Brexits Asset Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might be wondering about

No. When you invest in our unit trusts, there is no fixed amount that you need to commit to for a set investment period. It’s your investment – you decide how much, when and how you would like to invest.

How much your investment grows depends on the return your unit trust earns, which comes from the performance of the underlying investments that the investment manager chooses. Some unit trusts offer stability and low risk where others, like the Brexits Balanced Fund, offer higher potential long- term return but you have to be comfortable with taking on greater risk

Your decision should depend on how much return you want to earn and whether you are comfortable with ups and downs or prefer stability.
Thinking about how long you have to invest for, and how quickly you might need to access your money can help you weigh the return you want against the stability you need. Learn more about striking a balance between risk and return, which is an important part of choosing a unit trust.
If you are not comfortable making your own investment decisions, you may wish to speak to a good, independent financial adviser.

While you can change to a different unit trust at any time, at no cost, it’s best to make sure you’re comfortable with your front so that you can get the most out of the unit trust you’ve chosen and not make changes unnecessarily. The most appropriate time to make a change is if your needs or circumstances have changed. This transaction is called a “switch” choice up

No. There are no penalties for withdrawing from your investment and you can change, stop and restart your debit order whenever you need to, at no extra cost.

Yes. You can open this investment in your name, or in your child’s name. If the investment is in your own name, it belongs to you for its duration and you will need to declare contributions, withdrawals, transfers, net returns, dividends and capital gain/loss on your tax return. You can invest on behalf of your children (the amount investment returns above $100 000 will be subject to donations tax in your hands), but the investment must not be completed in your tax return; it needs to be completed in your child’s tax return, but only if they earn other income in their own right, or have deductions to claim, that makes it necessary for them to submit a tax return. Your child takes control of the investment at the age of 18.

Once you’ve completed the *5-step process to start your new investment, we’ll give you a call to confirm everything is in order. We’ll
then invest your money into the unit trust(s) you’ve chosen and set up your online account so you can view your investments and transact at any time.

5 step process

  • Create an investment account to match your objectives by signing up on BREXITS ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Fill in your details and select investment types
    Submit FICA documents (ID, PROOF OF RESIDENCE and other requirements documents)
  • Finalize your investment by making a deposit to your account
  • Choose unit trust (in cases where account is been manage by a portfolio manager, private
    investor should seek advice from their portfolio manager)
  • If you are not comfortable making your own investment decisions, you may wish to speak to a good, independent financial adviser.