Our Purpose

BREXITS ASSET MANAGEMENT  has always been a purposeful business. We began with the aim of making a positive difference to both our clients and the country in which we started and since ’91 have expanded our scope and ambition globally.

‘Better firm. Better investing. Better world.’ is how we articulate our purpose. It guides our strategic decision making, culture and our daily endeavours.

Better firm

We aim to achieve excellence over the long term through building a great firm, with a culture that encourages our people to achieve their highest potential. By intentionally building a great firm, we are holding ourselves personally accountable and internalising our purpose.

Better investing

Long-term investment excellence is our primary focus and is non-negotiable. Providing our clients with an investment offering that allows them to achieve their financial goals is the concrete manifestation of our purpose. We are quite literally investing for a better tomorrow.

Better world

We seek to make a difference to the world’s greatest challenges by investing our clients’ capital in a responsible manner towards the most responsible users of that capital. Being a fully engaged participant in society and actively preserving our natural environment is both our opportunity and promise.